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Best Practice Hospital Standards

We are ecstatic to announce that Humanimals has been awarded BESTPRACTICE Hospital Standards.

Only the third of nearly five hundred veterinary practices in NZ have achieved the higher BESTPRACTICE Hospital Standards – Halifax Veterinary Clinic and Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and now Humanimals!!

BESTPRACTICE Hospital Standards – what does it mean?

The New Zealand Veterinary Association oversees BESTPRACTICEStandards for veterinary practices throughout New Zealand.

There are two tiers of standards: Clinic and Hospital.

There are a few clinics who have achieved BESTPRACTICE Clinic Standards. Much of the Clinic Standards are compliance with legal matters with a number of recommendations as to how a practice should run. Participation in BESTPRACTICE Standards is optional, practices choose to participate or not. Humanimals achieved clinic standards on our first attempt in 2013. Clinics are audited every two years.

  Hospital Standards are divided into 19 categories and standards range from 24 emergency cover, surgery and anaesthesia, dentistry, endoscopy and ultrasonography.  Others relate more to the premises, health and safety and personnel. Each category is further divided into multiple detailed points; leading to literally hundreds of requirements to be met.

We are thrilled  and very proud that we passed with only five minor points to tweak (one being measuring airflow from our theatre to the new scrub bay to ensure adequate filtered, positive pressure  air changes per hour and no back draft – yes they are that exacting!).

This is what all of the hard work, purchasing of specialised equipment and all of the building changes have been working towards.

What pleased us most was the auditor’s final comment “staff are relaxed and interacting with patients and clients in an excellent manner”; which is pretty amazing considering we all knew the inspection was happening and were as nervous as anyone sitting an exam!

We love our jobs and know it is a privilege to be entrusted with your pets to care for.  Thank you helping us make this achievement possible.

What does this mean for our patients?

For our patients they can be assured that every care is taken to assist in their care and well-being.

Large comfortable cages and care plans for their time in the hospital that meets their medical and nutritional needs, a pain relief plan, and qualified and knowledgeable staff that always have their best interest in mind.

A surgical suite that is fully equipped, staff that are dedicated to their surgical and anaesthesia roles, with thorough and exacting theatre practice protocols. Humanimals checks the hygiene of our theatre suite with a quality control programme that includes assessment by an external laboratory. All of this means that we do not give antibiotics as a matter of routine to prevent infection – we are confident in the protocols that we run.

What does this mean for our clients?

Achieving  BESTPRACTICE Hospital Standards will give our clients confidence with the knowledge that the staff and clinic have undergone rigorous checks and balances and have been found to have met those very high standards. That the staff are committed to continuing education (one of the standards requires at least two of our veterinarians have completed post graduate qualifications – both Alistair and Alison have achieved this with their Masters in Veterinary Medicine and for Alistair with his Membership of the Australian and New Zealand college of Veterinary Scientists) and the clinicians have immediate access to a wide variety of equipment  to help diagnose and triage our patients.

What does this mean for our staff?

Hard work?  Yes!

However all our staff are committed to maintaining BESTPRACTICE Hospital Standards, and continuing their own professional development within Humanimals.

They can be confident that Humanimals will support them in their learning and professional careers, as well as ensuring their day to day health and safety is not compromised and that Humanimals will provide new and up-to-date equipment and learning tools…. And let’s not forget the humour and fun and the pleasure of seeing our patients recover.

We find it a privilege to care for your pets, from puppy- and kitten-hood through to their twilight years.

Thank you for your support – we know you have a choice of veterinary clinics.

Why do it?

We choose to go through the BESTPRACTICE Clinic Standards back in 2013 as we wanted to be able to improve our practice and be able to benchmark against other clinics. In 2014 we were the first clinic in NZ to gain Cat-Friendly Practice Accreditation through International Society of Feline Medicine (encompassing International Cat Care). An attitude and drive for continual improvement meant BESTPRACTICE Hospital Standards was the next logical step, although we realized it would involve considerable work, potential disruption and expense, we felt it would be well worth it for our clients and patients.  We are really pleased to say it has paid off, and are already seeing the benefits. 

What it means to me….

In January 1989 I opened Dunedin South Veterinarian Clinic in McBride St, South Dunedin. This was a one man show for some time, employing a part time nurse to help with surgeries. I remember the “big step” of buying an X-ray machine. With a constant emphasis on improvement, equipment, premises, education and training, that clinic has grown into what is now Humanimals Veterinary Hospital. On the 1st of February this year, just one month behind the schedule we set three years ago, we were audited to NZVA Companion Animal BESTPRACTICE Hospital Standards.  I am incredibly proud to say that with just five minor tweaks to our systems, we have passed that audit and are now the third practice in New Zealand to have been audited and confirmed as meeting the standards set.

But this is much more than a 3 year programme. Achieving BESTPRACTICE Hospital Standards Accreditation has required a constant commitment to continuing education and practice improvement. Audited compliance with the standard is a formal recognition of the efforts we go to provide the best care we can for our patients. It is an independent process that, for me, verifies that we live up to our core purpose and core values. For our clients, it is another affirmation that we constantly strive to be better. Thank you to our staff and clients who have made this possible.

Alistair Newbould
Practice Principal
 Veterinary Hospital

Registered Veterinary Nurses

In February 2016 we celebrated a NZ first in the veterinary industry. Voluntary veterinary nurse registration has been initiated by the NZ veterinary nursing association.

Cat Friendly Clinic Accreditation

We are absolutely thrilled to have been awarded Cat Friendly Clinic status. We are the FIRST veterinary clinic in New Zealand to be awarded this international accreditation by the International Society of Feline Medicine which is a division of the International Cat Care charity. 

We know our feline patients have benefitted from the changes we have implemented. The key is to make the visit to the veterinary clinic as least stressful as possible for our cat patients. Installing the dividers in the waiting room so that our cats are not stressed-out by dogs was one modification and also copious use of Feliway in our hospital and consult rooms, – this product is a synthetic pheromone that emits a scentless odour that safely reduces your cat’s stress.

Low Stress Handling

We are delighted to have been awarded Low Stress Handling Certification

Having met and surpassed the minimal the 51% mark of having individual staff members complete the Low Stress Handling Course, Humanimals Veterinary Hospital is automatically considered to be Low Stress Handling Certified (only individuals can say that they are Low Stress Handling “Silver” Certified). This means staff have spent considerable time (doing almost 100 hours of study each) to help reduce fear and stress for your pet, and you the owner! If your pet is not stressed during treatments such as getting eyedrops, this assists you by making the task easier, increasing compliance and treatment success.

The Low Stress Handling course was set up by the late Dr Sophia Yin. She was a veterinarian who specialised in animal behaviour and has been credited with changing how many veterinary staff through-out the world handle their patients – for the better! A number of Humanimals staff were fortunate to do a workshop with her when she came to Dunedin in 2012.


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44 Rankeilor Street, South Dunedin, Dunedin 9012, New Zealand

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