Effective and comprehensive veterinary medicine relies heavily on quick and accurate diagnostic procedures. Humanimals, Your Pet’s Doctor, has a well-equipped laboratory offering the ability to provide early cage-side diagnostic decision making.

In House Laboratory

In house blood machines help us assess the function of the blood cells and internal organs, check electrolytes, calcium and phosphorous levels. We can run a complete blood work up on your pet using a small amount of blood. A complete blood work up includes:

  • CBC (Complete Blood Count
  • Full chemistry & electrolyte panel

The microscope is used to look at cells from lumps to identify what type (e.g. cancerous, infectious, cystic), urine sediment to check for crystals and signs of infection, skin scraping to look for mites, yeast and bacteria.

We have a tonopen that tells us the pressure within the eye and lots more tests that help us help your animal get better sooner.

Having these in house tools means we get quicker results and this allows us to start the necessary treatment sooner.


Ultrasound is a non-invasive way to obtain “real time” images of internal organs, and the ability to assess movement such as the heart beating or the gut contracting. We frequently ultrasound internal organs such as the liver, spleen, heart and kidneys to find where things are going wrong.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiographs allow us see the outline of organs, gas and bone – it’s different from film screen radiographs as it allows for more detailed examination of soft tissues and bone on the same radiograph.

We love Humanimals and our cat receives wonderful care there. All the vets and nurses are highly professional and experienced.


I’ve been to Humanimals with various pets. Every single time I’ve been there all the staff are kind, helpful, compassionate and friendly.


Hands down, Humanimals has offered us the highest quality care and unwavering compassion for our dogs year after year.


Used the after hours service last night and can’t thank Humanimals enough! So kind and gentle with both the cat and the stressed humans.