From Sunday, 4th of June, our clinic will be diverting all calls through our VetChat Service.

Our clinic will still be open from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM as usual, but the calls will be triaged.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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In case of an out of hours emergency, please use our VetChat service

A message from Humanimals:

As we continue to navigate the unprecedented vet shortage and the increased workload this has resulted in, we wanted to keep all of our clients informed of how we are currently working and to ask a few things of you:

1. Annual exams/vaccinations are booking at least 1 month in advance currently, but the wait could extend longer so please plan accordingly.

2. A recheck appointment is only necessary when your vet has asked for it so please book this when checking out for your initial appointment or on the day of your pets procedure.</li

3. Due to a massive increase in sick visits, here is how they are working:

– Potentially critical pets will be triaged and seen according to risk. As in human medicine this may mean that your animal is not seen immediately.

– If we have not seen your pet in the last 3 years for an annual check-up then you may be asked to try another clinic as you are no longer in our database as a client. Priority must come to our current clients.

– If we offer you an appointment anywhere from a few days to a fortnight out, please know that we are at absolute capacity and can’t physically see any more appointments and that the doctors and staff believe your pet will be ok to wait to be seen. This also ensures we have adequate time scheduled to help your pet.

4. Routine procedures such as neutering or non-urgent dental work may be booked up to two months out. We are currently running with a waiting list so will book these in as and when a slot becomes available.

5. Please allow 3 days to approve any prescription request approvals or to refill any medications.

6. Labs are running behind. If your pet has had lab work, please be patient with us getting you the results. Likewise, any labs sent to an outside laboratory are taking longer than usual to arrive due to the shortage of couriers. If you haven’t heard from us within a few days please contact us.

We are trying our best to help all the pets that we can under very trying times and circumstances so as always thank you so much for your patience and understanding.


A vet clinic in Dunedin that truly cares about your pets’ well-being

Alistair Newbould set up his vet clinic in Dunedin in January 1989, with the philosophy that every pet deserves quality veterinary care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Originally called Dunedin South Veterinary, the practice is now called Humanimals, because the way we treat our animals is the way we treat each other.

Our vets – Michelle Mills, Liz Paton, Kristin Townsend and Anah Bannister – and our team of veterinary nurses are dedicated to caring for the pets of Dunedin.

Our core values are important to us:

  • We know that everyone counts, people and animals.
  • We are prepared to help – trained, equipped and willing.
  • We explore all options.
  • We support well informed decisions.
  • We own it and finish it.


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In case of an out of hours emergency, please use our VetChat service

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