What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is an extremely safe, gentle, and non-invasive technology. We practice laser therapy in our clinic as a proven aid for many ailments your pet may come across.

Our laser painlessly and quietly sends light energy (photons) deep into your pet’s tissues to help stimulate the body’s natural repair mechanisms. These include:

  • Increased delivery of nutrients and the removal of toxins
  • Increasing blood flow to the affected area
  • Providing energy to accelerate tissue repair and cell growth

This is a stress free and comforting experience for your pet, it does not require any sedation or clipping – to them it will feel just like a cuddle and pats!

Why would my pet need laser therapy?

There are a multitude of reasons we may recommend your pet has laser therapy treatments, here are some of the most common we see in-clinic:

  • Wound healing – Laser therapy will assist in speeding up the healing process for surgical wounds and open wounds.
  • Reducing scar tissue – scar tissue is thick, tight tissue that has formed where a wound once was. Scar tissue (especially near/on a joint) can be uncomfortable, cause pain and can leave a muscle prone to further injury!
  • Reducing inflammation – this aids arthritis treatment and all types of rehabilitation (restoring mobility after surgery, managing acute and chronic pain, improve the range of motion/quality of movement after an injury)
  • Dental treatments – laser therapy can be used to treat gingivitis and help to heal an area after a dental extraction

How many sessions of laser therapy will my pet need?

It depends on what your pet is being treated for! Sometimes only a couple of treatments may be required, and sometimes it may be beneficial to create an ongoing treatment plan. It’s best to speak to your vet and create a plan especially for your furry friend!

For more information about laser therapy treatment, to find out how it could help your pet or to book a treatment session, please contact our friendly reception team on (03) 456 2345 or reception@humanimals.co.nz

Plus, don’t forget we have online booking available!